• The building and the cemetery are holy places. Please comport yourself accordingly.
• Men are forbidden to enter the synagogue without covering their heads. If you have a hat or cap, please put it on. After ticket validation you will be given a kippah at the entrance that you have to wear in the complex at all times.
• Entry will be denied if you wear clothes inappropriate for a temple (e.g. sleeveless tops, short skirts or shorts). In such cases the ticket inspectors of the Synagogue will not grant you entry. Tickets are valid for 2 days. Clothing items can be purchased from the ticket inspectors.
• We conduct a security check upon entry. Please remove all metal objects and phones from your pockets.
• No entry with backpacks larger that hand-luggage.
• It is forbidden to eat, drink or smoke in the synagogue, the museum and adjoining areas. Consumption of food and beverages is allowed only in the café.
• No entry to cordoned areas.
• If you find unattended luggage or parcels alert security immediatley.
• Please comport yourself in a way that helps us preserve our historic monuments and works of art.